A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

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Doom Painting Index 

Links to all of our pages on the Doom and further information can be found below:

Welcome to our pages on the Holy Trinity Doom (Wall) Painting  This is now completely  restored and uncovered,. the work having commenced in September 2002.    It was officially unveiled on Saturday 11th September 2004 as part of the annual Heritage Weekend.

We provide here details of an article available in the church written by Mr Stephan Alan Wright, architect, detailing the history and detail of the Doom Painting .  We have created a Flash enabled interactive movie (using Nathaniel's artist impression painting) detailing some of the iconography of the Doom Painting too.  

Check out some captured images of the church doom painting display board at the back of the church in the Archdeacon's Court here too.


Click to see a cropped and more detailed close up of the unveiled Doom Painting.

Available Doom Painting Interim Reports by Granville and Burbidge published with permission from Alan Stephan Wright, Architect to Holy Trinity Coventry.  (see our church links page to visit the official site for more recent reports and breaking news,  new information etc)



 Photographs and History Pages

Our Iconography Pages and more...
(Some text on these pages taken from the public display within the church)

  • Doom Iconography Flash Macromedia Movie here (it may take a few minutes to load but it is worth it - find out who some of the characters and symbols are on the painting itself!)

  • Iconography Character Map  (using the 19th century artist, Nathaniel Troughton's water colour  impression of the painting with further links to enlargements of the same.  The inconography wording has been taken from the Doom Painting display )  Now also with photo excerpts taken by ourselves of the Doom itself for direct comparison with the artist's impression.  See for yourselves how close the real painting is to the impression.

  • The Alewives are a wonderful feature on the Doom Painting as they truly are considered to be a unique feature not found on any over uncovered doom painting to date.  The shape of the headdress has specifically identified the period of the painting. Follow this and read more about them. (note the link below  to the May 2003 Diamond update below for a wonderful colour photo taken of the newly restored and uncovered alewives)



Links to on-line Media Articles and more on the Coventry Doom



Educational Links for Teachers.

  • Department for Educational Skills  - this link takes teachers and pupils who are interested in studying this topic to a "History Module 4 unit (Year 7 (age 11+ approx) entitled "How the medieval church affected people's lives".


Further Reference Sites! 
(including  some of our choice and favourite pages from  
www.paintedchurch.org - find out more about medieval wall paintings here)


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